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Location: Frankfurt /Main, Germany

Description: Mozart hotel is non kosher hotel in the Westend area, where you can find near by synagogues, Jewish communities, kosher restaurant and other Jewish points of interest.... [more]

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Tour guides in Frankfurt /Main

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Tour guide "Darkey Noam"
Frankfurt /Main, Germany

Noam Ostrovsky offers you kosher tours in Frankfurt und Area. Tours to kavrey tzadikim (Michelstadtand Worms). Transfers and driver service. Speak english, german, hebrew, russian

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"NOT tour guide!!!" user ratinguser ratinguser ratinguser ratinguser rating
Posted on 2011-03-15 04:48:01 by Naor Aviad
Comment: he is NOT tour guide!!! just a Taxi driver + old (and not very clean) Taxi +not shaved!!! . he Speaking very bad English, it was very sad experience! :(

Tour guide "Nuriel Dekel"
Frankfurt /Main, Germany

Nuriel Dekel has its own taxi and can show your Frankfurt with its most interesting points of Jewish interest. Languages: Hebrew, English, German

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Tour guide "Yoram Inbar"
Frankfurt /Main, Germany

TOURS TO THE GRAVES OF ZADDIKIM IN GERMANY STOP OVER FRANKFURT ? -to MICHELSTADT and GRAVES of TZADDIKIM in GERMANY - PICK UP FROM THE AIRPORT - *FRANKFURT *MAINZ *WORMS *MICHELSTADT *KARLSRUHE *SPEYER and more!!! KOSHER FOOD + HOTELS!!! With a Jewish driver + English. New Cars + Minivan + Bus *SHOMREY SHABOS* Driving from Germany in all over Europe!!! Tel.004917620845707 Skype:yoin18 Facebook: yoram inbar..

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Tours to the burial grounds of Kivrei tzadikim in Frankfurt, Mainz, Worms?

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Kosher Corner in Malta
“Answers” is a little Bistro on small Mediterranean Island providing kosher meals for Jewish residents and travellers. Bistro has two kitchens –kosher and non -kosher .
Reservations essential, as this bistro only opening their kosher kitchen when bookings placed

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